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The root of this equation is FUN.

It's a game unlike any other from Uneven! You're given 3 answers to what to fill in an equation and a clock that won't stop ticking; choose poorly and take a hit to it, choose wisely and slow down your impending doom! Our floating friend Poin will be excited or scared depending on how you do too.

Exponential gains (and losses)

As you do better, the time losses get bigger and the bonuses smaller. Maximize them wins til its too late. When you're done, share it with your friends! Your parents! Me! Even your dog! Animals love math, just ask the one who ate my homework...

Open Source and Free-pilled!

(The pun budget ran out)

You can download a zip containing the entire source code of the game. No joke. It uses Godot Engine which is under the MIT License. You can play around with it as long as you don't go around saying you made enCount and all.


WSAD/DPAD/Left Joystick -> Move Up, Down, Left and Right in Menus and Gameplay

Enter/Space/Right-most Button -> Accept Things, Exit Options

M/Right Up Button -> Mute/Unmute Audio

Escape/Select/- -> Quit Game


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Windows x86_64 14 MB
Version 3
Linux x86_64 15 MB
Version 3
Source Code (Godot 3.4 beta4) 3 MB
Version 2

Development log


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Bruh this is fun as hell. I don't really care about math but if they had this in the computer lab little me would be all over this. I would like more equations but that's literally my only complaint.


Fear not! I'll add more tomorrow after porting the game to Newgrounds.