The Almost Full Deal Update

The Almost Full Deal Update

Version 0.8

Oh right! Jim's Challenge releases tomorrow! But big new advancements have been made towards giving jim the time of his life, such as actully loading the levels onto a game frame! Don't get me started on a funny new file format I made up (which happens to work) for saving your progress!

Here is what pretty much got added:

  • Jim is playable, that's all that matters in the end...
  • Loading levels for use complete. Game uses .arr files, pls don't delete, game dislikes.
  • Saving progress (global values of progress) done on Jim's Challenge Filetypes, or JCFs. Don't delete too, but this time, I'll know it >:(
  • Block types are being coded, but so far, walls and keys work! There'll be more to do :o

In the meantime, Jim awaits the time. It comes closer and closer. ;)

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